Sju kammers – Frontsøstrene

In Purcells opera Dido and Aenaes, Dido ends her own life with the words “Remember me, but forget my faith.” Solace embodies this lament with women silenced by war, united in a choice they made when they were young. Through separate chapters we meet six women who once worked as Red Cross nurses at the Eastern Front. 

During WWII thousands of European women volunteered to the war zones to serve as nurses for the German Red Cross. In the front lines they cared for wounded German soldiers – and soldiers of other nationalities. These women became known as the Front sisters.

On the journey back home after the war had ended they survived through a war-harried Germany. Many returned traumatised and would be socially harassed by their community. In Norway they were imprisoned for treason, condemned for saving the wrong lives.

Solace is a film about young women who went out with a desire to help, for later to be associated with some of the most gruesome acts of the twentieth century. At the end of the road they finally dare to reveal some of their innermost painful memories, letting us in to their long-time secrete rooms for the first time.


Produced by Mica film, 2011

Length // 58 min

Director // Karoline Grindaker & Hilde K. Kjøs

Editor // Robert V. Stengård 

Cinematoghrapher // Hilde K. Kjøs

Composer // KAADA


Festivals: Norway, Europe and International
Tv: NRK, Canal+ Poland, VRT Belgium
International sales: DR international sales, Copenhagen
Prizes: 2012 Award Gullruten for Best TV-documentary, Best direction, Best Cinematographer, single camera. 2012 Nominated for the National Film Award Amanda for Best Documentary 2012 National Television